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Jesus said to Simon Peter“Feed My Lambs”

photo of  flying white Dove    gif కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

Jesus said "Feed  My lambs and take care My Sheep and feed  My sheep.

{John 21:15--17.}

Love of God is Jesus Christ and we are love of Jesus Christ.
1     Jesus said Simon Peter son of Jonah “Do you love me more than these; yes Lord you know that I love you. He said to him “Feed My Lambs”
2     Second time Jesus  said  “Simon Peter do you love Me  more than these ,Take care My Sheep”
3     Third time Jesus said “Simon Peter do you love Me more than these, Feed My Sheep.
Love is God and Jesus Christ is Love of God and we are love of Jesus Christ.
If you have love of Jesus more than others, you feed His Lambs and take care and feed His Sheep. It is will of God in Jesus.
Lambs mean –Babes of God or small children of God.
[Hebrews 5:13—14, 1 Corinthians 3: 1—2}
After repentance for their Sins who baptized in the water, they are called Babes of God or small children of God.
Sheep mean—The Sons of God or young Children of God
The people who are filled with Holy Spirit and who are led by the Holy Spirit, they are called Sons of God or young children of God.   {Romans 8: 14}
It is the will of God in Jesus to do His service, not Goats service.

The people who are led by the spirit of Devil, they are called children of Devil or children of man .Jesus called them   Goats.
When the King Jesus comes in His Glory with His Angels and He will sit on the Throne of His Glory. The King Jesus say to the Sheep who are on His right hand “Come to Me into the Kingdom of God, you are blessed by My Father.
{Mathew 25 “31--32}
The King Jesus say to the Goats which are on His right-hand “Depart from Me and go into the everlasting fire because you are cursed by My Father. It is prepared for the Devil and his angels.{ Mathew 25 :41}

Ever Servant of Jesus who serve His flock of God as a good Shepherd   with good feeding and take care, he received the Crown of Glory that does not fade away. Jesus said “Come to Me shall never hunger and who believes Me shall never thirst .Do not speak the word of God with sin, it is very dangerous poison to you and to your Family and your people.
{Jeremiah 14:14, Isaiah 56:9—11}

I t is very useful to speak the word of God in the Holy Spirit to inter into the Kingdom of God.
Those who sow the precious Seeds in tears, they shall reap in joy---   {Psalm 126:5—6}

The Holy Spirit  Blessings of God in Jesus are poured upon Jesus Padam and his Family from the year  March 2020 which is the Holy Blessing year .

This is the vision in the Holy Spirit
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Bro,Jesus padam family 


My name is Jesus padam Kancharla , and I was born on 4th June 1950 .
I was born into a Christian Family. My mother was a believer and my father was nominal Christian. 
My father was a member of the communist party and took me to the meetings of communist party. I read the books written by Carl Marks, Angels, Stalin and Lenin. I taught the principles of communist party to the common people.
In 1975 I was married in the same year and set up my family at Repalle because I have working in A P S R T C  Department.. I had no peace of mind because  I was quarreling with many people.
I remembered my mother and her prayers  and also remembered my prayers with my mother in my child hood.
I went to the Pentecostal Church of the pastor  Ch.  Benjamin.  I confessed my sins and I was born again in the year 1977. I was baptized in water on 6th November 1977.I prayed to the Lord for the Holy Spirit Baptism. On 2nd December 1980.I was filled with the Holy Spirit and fire and spoke unknown tongues..

After my baptism, When I was praying in fasting in the church prayers the Lord showed His vision, standing before me. When the Lord asked Satan whom requiring, Satan chosen me as its choice. From that time the disturbances and temptation started in my life

As a result the Satan tempted me from 1978 to 2012 living with one pair of dress for a period of three years and suffered like anything for financial crisis, debts with high rate of interests.  I am suffering with illness and  unhealthy in the time from the year AD 2000 to 2012 .

At the time of temptation Satan said “worship me, the wisdom and the money in lakhs will be given to you. But I rejected . Satan uttered that the Lord will never give money to me with any kind of gifts. I said to Satan “why the money will not be given to me ?I will see.. I was tempted and suffered due to lack of food and clothing and ill-health .

At the age of 18 years, in my student life I have asked the Lord to show my wife. In my vision the Lord showed a shape with lean body and ugly physic. Then I was distressed like any thing. This vision has been fulfilled 1978 to Repalle and we were tempted by the Devil .

We are still living in Lord by faith as the evidence. When I was praying in 1982 due to the problems of debts and ill-health. I have seen bright light in my vision. In this vision, there was the word Rev. 3:10 was written on the board. It was written ," I also keep you from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world "
praised Lord . I feel much joy and  happiness.

Again in 1984 when praying in tears, I could find the sky opened and a soul came down from the Heaven. That Lord before me and expressed to read   pslms.   92:12 and it lifted up to the Heaven.
 In this way many visions were given to us 
Praise the Lord..
Thank you Jesus ,Honor, Power and Glory to you

A pastor called T. Isaac closely and he gave me a good Bible training during the period between 1982-1987. I received a great anointing through the great servant of God Dr.  Morriss  Cerrillo
 U S A  on 6th March 1987  at Madras conference..
I have been going out to many places and preaching the Gospel. I have been continuing in His service for proclaiming the Lords fame. Then we are finding amazing results through our activities. 

On 16-September -1986 when i was praying, our Lord has shown me " in the early morning that I saw thrashing floor where the crop is being thrashed. Our Lord has shown me the good and vital grains and waste husk which has been separated by the wind. He told me to convert vital spirits to His kingdom and to save the souls from the Evil .

Vision about my children

About my family After being blessed with two Female children , We prayed for no children ,as my wife became physically weak . After seven years passed, we prayed for a Male child along with our friends .God heard our prayers and gave reply to our prayers with blessing son Daniel on 05th Jan.1985.

Again we prayed for a male child. The Lord spoke with us that He was gifting a boy for us and ordered to put his name Job, When the first boy was 5 years old. The Lord ordered to put his name Daniel. After that I have prayed Lord regarding my poor living .

In my vision I have seen Abraham was distributing his property to his children. I also stood before in the line, Abraham gave me some amount of gold, which was shining as a flash. The Lord said in our prayers that a third boy will be born. We put his name Israel .

We have all five children two female and three male. When I was praying in the year 1982, without sons the Lord called me in names of Jesus  padam ,  Daniel , Job and Israel .

I was astonished while I could not understand about the call of Lord and explained this with my wife.Now I was calling my children with their names I understood. We are all dedicated to do His service ..

I am living as a  solitary bird in my temptation in 37 years.
I have  hungry in my temptation time from the year 1978 to 2015   because I have praying with fasting and tears crying and suffering with  illness.  

సంబంధిత చిత్రం
The Sun is raising now upon us   as  Glory of God  in Jesus. we are  living with Faith  for His witness in this world
Now we are blessed in Jesus through His Holy Spirit abundantly.

I am a lost sheep of Israel and  I am living in India . I am born in the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David which is revealed by Jesus Christ.
Now we are blessed in Jesus with good health and plenty and sufficient Food.
We are standing in the Holy Spirit  to preach the Gospel and cast out devils and do miracles and wonders in Jesus Mighty Name.
We  are  ready to  pray and help  for the people who are in distress without food and suffering  with temptation.

I am living as a  solitary bird with hungry and illness in my temptation


My mother’s father was called David and brought up his children in the fear of God .My mother was believer even before her marriage .After her marriage my mother got a Dream. She saw in that dream that an Angel of God was distributing the fruits to the women in the Church. My mother also stretched forth her hands for fruits. The Angel told her that he would give her alone in the last .Lastly the Angel called her and gave her tow fruits and said her that it was the Bible of Jesus. Later she conceived and brought forth a male child .The child was christened Jesus  padam  {word}  by pastor. I was brought up by my mother in fear of God, Faith and fasting.

At the age 16 years I prayed to God and asked Him to give the opportunity to see Him. On 3rd day I saw a man in my dream and asked me do you want to see God, Yes I want to see Him.  He asked me to look up in the sky .I looked up and saw nothing .Second time He asked me to look up in the sky .I looked up the second time I saw bright light in the sky. In that light I saw A garden and some buildings. In one building I saw a Man with block beard and white clothes .He was sitting on chair and He was writing something with an Iron quill .I saw Him and worshipped Him.

In another part of the sky I saw a dark man with big tuft of hair on his head and some dark men .I understands that he was Satan.

 .Praise the Lord Jesus ! Shalom in Messiahసంబంధిత చిత్రం


Conference with Pastors  and Leaders. Jesus Christ is the wonderful Mighty living  God and He is the Creator of all.  He is always waiting to do miracles and wonders to His people who are in distress.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the power of God and He is the Love of God .  He is the Mighty Saviour and the good Shepherd  .

 Power is given  to us  in the Holy Spirit  to cast out Devils ,to cure  the sickness and to do Miracles and wonders in Jesus Mighty  Name .
Jesus said "Believe Me  and follow Me .you will see the glory of God.Do not go to the world without Holy Spirit .

After filled with the Holy Spirit ,you go to the world to save the Souls and cast out the  Devils and  to do miracles and wonders in My Mighty Name.Do not fear !go to the world in My Name to preach the Gospel to the poor.

 Some Holy Servants of Jesus,they are in the Net of wicked.
    Some Pastors and Missionaries, they have fallen down in the net of wicked and false servants.
Jesus said “Beware of false Prophets and false pastors and false Missionaries, who come to you with Sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
Some Holy Servants of Jesus, they are giving their Holy money to the false servants which are  the ravenous Wolves .Some Holy Servants of Jesus ,they are feeding their Holy  food to the  Goats and Dogs and Pigs.
Why do you make men like fish of the see, like creeping things that have no ruler over them?
They take up all of them with a hook they catch them in their net and gather them in their dragnet. Therefore they rejoice and are glad .Therefore they sacrifice to their net and burn incense to their dragnet because by them their share is sumptuous and their food plenteous. Shall they therefore empty their net and continue to slay nations without pity.
Habakkuk 1 :13—17
Note; ---- Dear beloved Friends in Jesus do not give your money to the wicked men without vision in the Holy Spirit of Jesus. 

                                   We will construct  the  small Church prayer Hall as this model.
                            Related image
Dear Friends in Jesus ,please pray for the Pentecost church prayer Hall in Ponnur to catch the Fishes  

*-we have open place for church prayer Hall -*

,Please arrange small help for the  prayer Hall in your willing times because time is came to construct the church prayer hall
Please send  your gifts and funds with small amount  through 
  Money gram  or Western Union to this address as a Friend   for his personal need .
Praise the Lord Jesus !
Bro,Jesus Padam kancharla,
Vyshnavi nager 2nd line
H no- -   1-7-7/5
Guntur {Dist},AP,India.Cell no-9494539574.

Please see the website

                                                                 photo of the flying dove   gif కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

Bethel  Fellowship  Church
Our Rajamundry Area workers
Pastor G. Kumar Raja . M A. Med, 
Sister G. Swrna Jyothi , Msc, Med, .
They are doing Gospel work in Rajamundry in Hidhus Area .They have  a church in which they worshiped our Lord Jesus Christ  with poor people and helpless widows
*   They  are praying   for  poor widows help . 
They are a part of New Jerusalem Flying Eagle Fire church in ponnur

Please pray for  Bethel Fellowship  in Rajamundry 

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